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Carlise @ Parasol Park

Tri Pointe Homes

Venturing into uncharted territory, the application of Art Deco in production housing has its challenges.  Windows and doors must be located in specific locations, while having the flexibility to reconfigure for alternate elevations.  This version of a repurposed downtown loft significantly expresses the Art Deco style in its identifiable column to beam to spandrel motif.  Decorative inset panels require practical application and cost effective solutions for these entry level homes.  In designing the floor plan, there was careful consideration for window alignment and sizes.  The main idea was to expose as many windows as possible on the ground floor and cleverly locate a gallery hall along the front to allow for a variety of window arrangements.  Orienting the Great Room on the alternate exposed wall accommodated the two-sided architecture and was necessary for highly visible corner conditions.  Amenities for this entry level home are taken up a notch with walk-in laundry room, dual lavatories and walk in closets.   Vestibules at master and secondary bedrooms eases transition from public to private.  By mimicking the feel of a re-purposed downtown loft and maintaining a clever family-friendly floor plan, we were able to provide the essential elements to attracting the influx of start-up family millennials in the area.

Photography By Eric Figge

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