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Overlook Residence

Covenant Hills

This home is authentically built, true to its original historical reference and perfectly situated.  It is quintessential Mission architecture.  Thick adobe walls with recessed windows and porches minimize solar heat gain and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor.  High volume ceilings continuously transition to low volume roof porches and are constructed of heavy timber with true posts and beam.  The entire house is set on a 4’ grid, including rafter tails.  Hand-hewn exterior finish is reminiscent of a home that has been there for decades. 


On the interior, fine craftsmanship follows suit.  Meticulously calculated, no floor tile is cut, eliminating the need for baseboards.  Dramatic high volume beamed ceilings are conventionally framed and inspired by the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite, the homeowners’ favorite vacation spot.


Situated along the natural contours of the site, minimal grading allows for natural level changes within, while adding ceiling height without complicating the roof. The front of the house follows the geometry of the curved street, deliberately rotating the office space providing optimal panoramic and distant ocean views, while opening the usability of the yard beyond.  A unique cigar chimney anchors the front corner, while material change mimics that of a building developed over the years.  This house authentically embraces the philosophy of “less is more”, exposing only the details that represent structure, material transition and water diversion devices.

Photography by Eric Figge

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